Love to drive? Looking to make a difference?

You can have an impact today. As a volunteer driver, you can help your Caledon neighbours get to life saving medical appointments or help them stay independent. Sign up and become a volunteer driver today!

Kidz in Caledon

Summer should be a time for fun. However, for children and families living in poverty, it is a time of worry and increased struggle.

Without your help, hundreds of Caledon children will be left out of summer camps and organized sports or even go hungry. They'll miss out on making friends, building confidence and creating lasting memories that help them grow into healthy adults.

Your generous gift to Kidz in Caledon helps ensure no Caledon child is left behind. Your donation provides nutritious food and snacks to fuel health and the energy to have fun. It provides the opportunity to attend summer camps and enroll in recreational sports and activities. It even provides employment training and skills development for youth, helping them get a start in the job market.

Please help change a life by making an online donation today. For more information or to make a donation over the phone, please call (905) 584-2300 or send us an email.

Click here to join our fundraising e-community for opportunities to get involved and stay up-to-date on exciting upcoming initiatives.

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