Are you 80+ and want to be vaccinated in Peel. More information here. For transportation call (905) 584-2300 Ext. 217, 218, or 264. CCS services available by appointment. Food drop-offs to the Exchange are suspended per Stay-at-Home order. COVID-19 Advisory.

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Enrich your life. Enjoy greater vitality. Engage in community and forget about isolation. We offer a wide range of health and wellness options for you, regardless of your age or stage.


Carf A CARF Three-Year Accreditation was awarded to Caledon Community Services Health programs and services under the following three areas: Home and Community Services (Aging Services), Home and Community Services (Employment and Community Services), Personal Support Services. Governance Standards Applied.

We offer a wide variety of
options for seniors, caregivers
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Services for seniors

Specialized Transportation Services

Seniors Specialized

Available seven days a week for Caledon seniors and adults with disabilities.

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Wellness Programs

Feel great and enjoy wellness activities including exercise, educational opportunities, therapeutic recreation, and creative arts and crafts.

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Assisted Living

24/7 Assisted Living provides non-medical services that enable seniors to live independently.


Respite Companionship

Seniors Respite

Respite workers provide non-medical care and companionship for seniors and adults with disabilities within their homes. This is a fee-for-service program.

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Transitional Care

The Transitional Care Centre (TCC), located in Pinnacle View in Alton, helps you get back on your feet when an illness or injury has taken its toll.

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Seniors Helping Senior Programs

Interactive seniors programs and activities led by seniors. Meet new friends and become part of many exciting activities.


Caledon Specialist Clinic

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Caledon Specialist Clinic

Attend specialist appointments, programs and educational workshops at Caledon Specialist Clinic - downtown Bolton clinic providing local medical specialist’ care.

  • Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • Peel Public Health – Healthy Sexuality Clinic
  • Region of Peel – Healthy Smiles Program
Specialist Clinic